Transparency in the wardrobe - A great consumer tip for World Consumer Rights Day

March 15, 2020 is the annual World Consumer Rights Day when consumer organisations raise awareness of the rights of buyers. First a few key facts about this day: did you know that the origins of this international “holiday” go back to the time of the former US President John F. Kennedy, who demanded at the time that consumers should be protected from deception and fraud and also from dangers when making a purchase?* He was critical of the fact that buyers and consumers are exposed to the arbitrariness of retailers and service providers and could be at a disadvantage when making a purchase due to their lack of specialist knowledge and experience. The processes involved in the manufacture should be set out in a more transparent way in order to clarify and protect. And let us be honest, it is time that we learn more!

The theme for the World Consumer Rights Day this year is #theSustainableConsumer which also turns the spotlight on the fashion industry: before purchasing a pair of jeans or a shirt, we are increasingly asking ourselves about the manufacturing processes, the working conditions and the effect that production has on the environment. Even though some fashion companies have disclosed their supply chains in recent years, to create more transparency we would like to have more information about our clothes. Most importantly, we want this information immediately and directly at the time of purchase, without the need for arduous research.

The following is a great consumer tip: the OEKO-TEX® MADE IN GREEN. The label tells us in a verifiable way about the journey taken by the new T-shirt. From the yarn to the sale: we are in the loop!

The label from OEKO-TEX® gives us certainty about the manufacturing processes – which are environmentally friendly and socially responsible – and guarantees that each article has been tested for harmful substances. Whether textiles or leather goods, including accessories and the accessory materials used, with the practical QR code or product ID on each hang tag, you have an insight and can also learn more about the retailer chains and view the journey taken by the purchased article directly on your smartphone.

Our tip: Look out for the OEKO-TEX® MADE IN GREEN label next time you are shopping, scan the QR code and get information about all important manufacturing steps. This not only soothes the conscience when shopping, but also encourages conscious thinking about using our resources and makes our shopping trip a happier experience!