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OEKO-TEX® RESPONSIBLE BUSINESS is a management process certification to meet supply chain due diligence requirements in the textile and leather industry. A company awarded this certification is dedicated to practising due diligence, protecting both human rights and the environment.

  • Designed for any company in the textile and leather industry, from retailers to raw material producers.
  • Provides support and clarity to companies in implementing due diligence obligations into management processes.
  • Supports companies in preventing and mitigating existing and potential negative impacts of business operations within their own activities, their supply chains and in their wider business relationships. 
  • Improves conditions in global supply chains by assessing risks and managing them responsibly.


These are the benefits

  • With an OEKO-TEX® RESPONSIBLE BUSINESS certification, you document your commitment to human rights and environmental due diligence and can communicate your commitment to your partners and customers.
  • The modular structure allows you to assess your due diligence in two consecutive modules:  ​
    • an initial self-assessment
    • and an optional second step that includes the certification process​
  •  The self-assessment allows you to evaluate the status of due diligence implemented in your company.
  • With the OEKO-TEX® RESPONSIBLE BUSINESS tool, you can better understand due diligence requirements and implement effective management processes for a responsible company.
  •  Certification can be used as part of your corporate communications and facilitates reporting to authorities.​
  • The independent RESPONSIBLE BUSINESS certification conveys a high level of credibility and trust and provides you with targeted support on your way to greater due diligence.​

OEKO-TEX® RESPONSIBLE BUSINESS certifies the due diligence management processes of a company and assesses to which extent due diligence obligations with regard to human rights and environmental criteria are implemented in the company and in its supply chains. The following due diligence elements are the subject of evaluation:

  1. Business policy​
  2. Risk analysis​
  3. Integration of appropriate actions​
  4. Continuous monitoring​
  5. Transparent communication​
  6. Complaint mechanism​

Furthermore, in the optional module 7. Environment / Climate companies can map to which extent a climate strategy has been defined, targets set and emission reductions already measured.​

The goal of RESPONSIBLE BUSINESS certification is the long-term implementation of due diligence measures with regard to human rights and the environment in the textile and leather industry.​

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1. Self-assessment: Possible as standalone tool. No external communication allowed

  • Evaluate the status quo of implemented human rights and environmental due diligence in your own company and in your supply chains 
  • By completing the questionnaire and uploading documents 
  • Receive an unverified report 
  • Identify areas for improvement 


2. Certification: External communication is possible

  • Fulfil the self-assessment process
  •  Audit: to evaluate and validate the information given through the self-assessment 
  • Certificate and verified report

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This is your path to certification

  1. Application: Application form on OEKO-TEX® website
  2. Self-assessment: Complete the self-assessment
  3. Analysis and evaluation: Evaluation by OEKO-TEX® RESPONSIBLE BUSINESS auditors
  4. On-site audit: RESPONSIBLE BUSINESS auditor verifies the data as provided during an on-site visit
  5. Certificate & final report: After successful completion, a final report and certificate will be issued

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