responsibly produced
and safety tested

Textiles and leather items carrying the OEKO-TEX® MADE IN GREEN label are produced more sustainably in socially responsible workplaces. Customers purchase them with confidence that they are traceable and tested for harmful substances. This label supports both better working conditions and a healthier planet.

  • Product and consumer safety is ensured through testing for harmful substances
  • Environmental responsibility is ensured through verified chemical management and wastewater quality
  • Workers are protected through fair wages, regular working hours and workplace safety
  • Supply chain traceability & transparency are provided thanks by the OEKO-TEX® Label Check 

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  • optimisation of chemical management (e.g. risk management during dyeing and printing, ban and substitution of hazardous chemicals)
  • responsible handling of wastewater and emissions (e.g., reduction of carbon footprint and water usage)
  • protection of resources (e.g. use of renewable energies and best available technologies)
  • waste management (e.g. recycling of textile waste)
  • testing of products for harmful substances (e.g. carcinogenic dyes, heavy metals, or pesticides)
  • testing of every component, including accessories (e.g. threads, buttons, zippers)
  • testing of product quality (e.g. colour fastness)
  • annual update of criteria in line with the most recent scientific findings and statutory requirements
  • promotion of fair working conditions (e.g. working hours and wage payments)
  • ban on forced and child labor
  • occupational safety (e.g. through fire protection, building safety and protective equipment)
  • health protection (e.g. inspection of working conditions for noise, dust and heat)
  • Transparent traceability using a unique product ID or QR code
  • Information about the production facilities, the textile and leather article, the stage of production to which the facility belongs and the countries in which production took place

These are the benefits

  1. The product shall be certified according to OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100, ORGANIC COTTON or LEATHER STANDARD. Using OEKO-TEX® ECO PASSPORT certified chemicals reduces the testing effort and cost for these certifications.
  2. All making up facilities shall be certified according to OEKO-TEX® STeP.
  3. Single components that equal or exceed 5% of the total weight of the product, shall be supplied by OEKO TEX® STeP certified production facilities. 
  4.  The participating companies in this supply chain must register for the myOEKO-TEX® platform and actively use the MADE IN GREEN dashboard.

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Are you looking for certified partners or want to check which brands already have OEKO-TEX® labelled products? The OEKO-TEX® Buying Guide is an online directory for certified products, manufacturers and brands. Use this network of brands and suppliers along the textile and leather chain to find certified articles or to make new business contacts!

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Do you have questions about our certifications and services, the way we test, legal requirements and norms? Go to our FAQ page or contact us per email.

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Would you like to get an OEKO-TEX® MADE IN GREEN label? Are you interested in detailed information regarding the labelling process and the requirements? Visit our download area to discover the full documentation or apply for MADE IN GREEN.

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This is your path to certification

  1. Application: Fill out the application and receive access to the myOEKO-TEX® platform
  2. Connection: Contact suppliers to request confirmation and connection in myOEKO-TEX®
  3. Article definition: Define article and its components
  4. Label preparation: Create, complete, and download the MADE IN GREEN label
  5. Labelling: Label article with its MADE IN GREEN label

Discover the Label Check
and experience transparency

Track the path of your MADE IN GREEN labelled products using the unique product ID or QR code. Scan the QR code or enter the product ID in the OEKO-TEX® Label Check. Find out in which production facilities and in which country your textile or leather article was produced.

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Do you need more information? Download our MADE IN GREEN documents

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