MADE IN GREEN by OEKO-TEX® is a traceable product label for all kinds of textiles (e.g. garments, home textiles) and leather products (e.g. garments, finished and semi-finished leathers) including non-textile/-leather components (e.g. accessories).The MADE IN GREEN label verifies that an article has been tested for harmful substances. This is carried out through certification in accordance with STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® or LEATHER STANDARD by OEKO-TEX®. It also guarantees that the textile or leather product has been manufactured using sustainable processes under socially responsible working conditions. This is carried out through certification in accordance with STeP by OEKO-TEX®. You can use a unique product ID on the label to trace the countries and production facilities in which the labelled article was produced.

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Here you can see an example of the MADE IN GREEN product traceability.

What does the MADE IN GREEN label mean?

Each item labelled with MADE IN GREEN can be traced using a unique product ID or QR code. The label gives access to information regarding production facilities in which the textile or leather article was produced, the stage of production to which the facility belong and the countries in which manufacture took place. 

The MADE IN GREEN label gives you the certainty of knowing that the product is made:

  • with materials that have been tested for harmful substances 
  • in environmentally friendly facilities
  • in safe and socially responsible workplaces.

Which products can be labelled?

All kinds of textiles and leather goods can receive the MADE IN GREEN label. This includes garments, home textiles, fabrics, non-wovens, textile accessories and non-textile components, leather fibre materials, leather clothing, leather accessories such as leather gloves, leather bags and leather shoes and also some skins (e.g. sheepskin, lambskin, cowskin). The condition for the issue of the MADE IN GREEN label is that the article has been tested in accordance with the STANDARD 100 or LEATHER STANDARD and manufactured in STeP certified facilities.

Which brands are already on-board?

A transparent supply chain enables consumers to make sustainable buying decisions. Check our OEKO-TEX® Buying Guide to see which brands already use the MADE IN GREEN label as a communication method for responsible conduct.

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You can check the validity of the MADE IN GREEN label using the product ID shown on the label. Scan the QR code or simply enter the ID number in the input field on our website.

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MADE IN GREEN at a glance

Environmentally friendly production

Sustainability in processes and sourcing ensured through optimization of chemical management and wastewater quality

Product and consumer safety

Product and consumer safety ensured through testing for harmful substances

Social responsibility

Social responsibility ensured through fair wages, working hours and safety at workplace

Traceability & Transparent Supply Chains

Traceability & Transparent Supply Chains enable to make informed purchasing decisions

Benefits for brands

  • With the MADE IN GREEN label, you have at your disposal a transparent communication tool which you can use to credibly inform consumers and other stakeholder groups of your responsible conduct.
  • With the traceable MADE IN GREEN label, brands with suppliers in production countries such as China, India or Bangladesh can show their supply chain in a transparent way and demonstrate in a credible way their compliance with the agreed quality and social standards.
  • Certification of articles with STANDARD 100 and LEATHER STANDARD gives you legal conformity and ensures effective consumer protection.
  • STeP certification of your production facilities promotes sustainable production and working conditions in your supply chain.

Apply for a MADE IN GREEN label

Have you decided to upgrade products in your brand with a sustainable and transparent label? Here you can learn how to apply for the MADE IN GREEN label.

Apply for MADE IN GREEN here