Accepted polymers

Accepted polymers without assessment

Name of product  
PolyhaloalkenesPolyvinyl choride
Polyvinylidene chloride
H 1)
PolyaramidesPoly(m-phenylene iso-phtalalamide)
Poly(p-phenylen tereftalamide)
Ar 2)
Polyimides Ar 2)
Poly(aramide-imide) Ar 2)
Polybenzimidazole Ar 2)
Aromatic Polyoxadiazole Ar 2)
Carbonised acrylic  
Copolymer of acrylnitrile (35-85%) with either vinylchloride or vinylidenchloride  
Melamine (≤20% w/w) immobilized in a polymers matrix  
Poly (p-phenylen-2,6-benzobisoxazol)  

1) [H] Homopolymer meaning only one kind of monomer in the polymer chain.
2) [Ar] Aromatic homo- or copolymer. Coppolymers are built of two or more kinds of monomers.