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OEKO-TEX® consists of independent institutes in Europe and Japan, with offices around the globe.

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The following indepedent institutes are currently part of OEKO-TEX®:

AITEX® (Spain)

AITEX (the Textile Industry Research Association) is a private research association which undertakes characterisation testing and certification of textile articles and materials in the areas of fashion and clothing, health and medicine, hygiene and cosmetics, workwear, personal protection equipment, sports and leisure, public transport, the automotive industry, marine, aeronautics, civil engineering and construction and sports surfaces, among others.

The institute’s core mission is to transfer technical know-how and knowledge to textile manufaturers to help them become more competitive, create more value and allow them access to new business opportunities. To this end, the institute promotes modernisation and new emerging techologies via R&D projects and in general through any activity which contributes to the sector’s industrial progress. AITEX also supplies manufacturers with necessary and appropriate product certifications to enable them to compete in the international marketplace and help gain a foothold in high added-value niche markets.

Centexbel (Belgium)

Belgian textile competence since 1950: The independent research institute Centexbel has specialised in generating knowledge that supports the textile and plastics processing industry in building a sustainable and successful future. Initially limited to Belgium, Centexbel's extensive technological expertise is now available to the textile industry throughout Europe.

Centexbel's most important activities include research and development in the fields of intelligent textiles, recycling, surface modification, polymers and material characterisation. Services such as testing and certification of textile materials are carried out using state-of-the-art instruments and laboratories. Centexbel maintains trusting contacts with European industrial companies in the exchange of knowledge and the communication of research results. For many textile companies in Europe, the independent competence centre Centexbel has become an important partner for product development and quality assurance.

Centrocot (Italy)

Centre of excellence based in Busto Arsizio – Italy, Centrocot, with its over 90 employees, has been supporting companies in the Textile and Fashion Industry in the development of products and processes, as well as in their control and certification, for over thirty years. Performing more than 1.800 laboratory tests, 529 accredited by Accredia - ILAC, Centrocot works on textile innovations that take into account all the key factors of a safe production chain, such as technical, environmental, economic and social; Centrocot offers indeed qualified re-search, testing and accreditation services in textiles, clothing, accessories, technical textiles, furni-ture, leather, packaging, food contact, plastic materials and chemicals and their related industries. Furthermore, its Education Department is constantly developing out cutting-edge training methods to educate both young technicians and experienced professionals, to better match the current Fashion Industry’s demand.

CITEVE (Portugal)

CITEVE - Technological Centre for the Textile and Clothing Industries of Portugal - is a research and testing institute with headquarters in Portugal and offices in 4 continents, supporting the competitiveness of textile, clothing and technical textiles companies since 1989. CITEVE has an intense service of testing, based in cutting edge laboratories offering tests according to 900+ standards. The labs are accredited by international organizations ensuring CITEVE’s recognition internationally. At certification level, beside its own labels and the OEKO-TEX® portfolio, CITEVE Group is a European Notified Body for PPE certification. CITEVE’s facilities include several laboratories like: Physics, Chemistry & Toxicology, Microbiology/Cyto-toxicology/DNA, Fibres, Metrology and Product Performance. In addition to Testing and Certification services, the portfolio includes Research, Technology Development and Prototyping of high technicity products and solutions. Beside Fashion oriented products, CITEVE is very active in high-tech applications as sports, personal protection, automotive, defense, habitat and health.

DTI Danish Technological Institute (Denmark)

Since its foundation in 1906, the DTI Danish Technological Institute has been committed to supporting Danish industrial companies in global competition. As an independent and non-profit organisation with 71 laboratories and more than 1,100 employees, the independent institute DTI has a unique position in Denmark. With a team of specialists and highly developed testing and laboratory facilities, the Danish Competence Centre DTI gives companies of all sizes the opportunity to participate in textile technology knowledge and technological progress. DTI advises on product development and the development of requirement specifications and offers highly qualified accredited tests. DTI's regular cooperation with leading research and educational institutions at home and abroad makes the institute an attractive partner not only for industrial companies.

FILK Freiberg Institute (Germany)

The Research Institute for Leather and Plastic Sheeting FILK is an accredited testing laboratory and non-university research institution in Germany. The independent and non-profit FILK Institute is characterised by its close proximity to industry and practical application orientation. Its broad range of services offers small and medium-sized companies as well as industry concrete solutions and supports their innovative strength. FILK's diverse research activities provide an extensive knowledge base that is continuously being expanded. FILK has built up special competence in the field of flexible synthetic and natural polymer materials, such as leather, artificial leather, coated textiles and other flexible composite materials. These materials are used, for example, in automotive and home interiors, protective clothing, medical products and agricultural and construction technology. The accredited FILK testing laboratory offers material testing, analysis and certification, including the LEATHER STANDARD by OEKO-TEX®. Other services include materials research, consulting, assessment and further training.

Hohenstein Textile Testing Institute (Germany)

Hohenstein has specialised in the testing, certification and research of textile products of all kinds for over 70 years. As a reliable and independent partner, Hohenstein offers textile companies comprehensive services under one roof in order to improve the quality of their products. This includes, for example, assistance with product development, textile testing and certification, product labels and market launch strategies. Managed by the third generation, Hohenstein currently employs approx. 1,000 people, who offer their customers a wide range of practical and internationally recognised tests and certifications both at the headquarters in Germany and in the international laboratories and offices abroad. An important part of these services is the OEKO-TEX® portfolio. As a founding member of OEKO-TEX®, Hohenstein supports brands, manufacturers and retailers in all aspects of sustainable business along the entire value chain and has earned itself an excellent international reputation beyond Germany's borders.

IFTH (France)

For over 60 years, the French competence and innovation centre IFTH has been supporting textile and fashion companies. Starting with the knowledge transfer of textile know-how up to the transfer of technological competences, the IFTH accompanies and supports companies in the textile industry in order to strengthen their competitive position. IFTH's research focuses on the development of innovative materials and environmentally compatible finishing processes, sustainable textile concepts and the ongoing digitalisation of textile production. The success of the IFTH lies in the highest service quality. The spectrum of services offered ranges from product design and prototyping through certification and labelling to training and technical advice. The experts of the Competence and Innovation Centre IFTH work continuously on the development of new characterisation tools and on the improvement of measurement quality. The independent French competence centre provides its industrial and commercial customers with a unique team of over 180 experts and state-of-the-art equipment.


The independent Textile Engineering and Testing Institute INNOVATEXT® was founded in 1949, successfully privatised during the political change and is today the most important research, development and testing base of the Hungarian garment industry. INNOVATEXt® has been part of the HOHENSTEIN Group since 2004 and provides its international customers with a wide range of services, including quality controls, environmental protection consulting, laboratory tests and certifications according to OEKO-TEX® standards. Manufacturers, dealers and suppliers are among the approximately 500 long-time regular customers in Europe. INNOVATEXT® is accredited according to EN ISO 17025 and tests and certifies as Notified Body (No 1523) personal protective equipment according to the new PPE regulation (EU) 2016/425. Many years of expertise and modern laboratory equipment create ideal conditions for research and development according to the latest standards of the textile industry, from which customers in the entire textile supply chain in Eastern Europe benefit.

IW Textile Research Institute (Poland)

The IW Textile Research Institute (Instytut Włókiennictwa), which is now a part of ŁUKASIEWICZ Research Network (the 3rd largest research network in Europe), combines tradition with advanced technology in a unique way. With 75 years of experience, IW offers its customers comprehensive textile solutions tailored to their individual needs. This includes scientific research, laboratory testing, technological trials and production, product certification, training and consulting. The development of new textile products and technologies is one of the core elements of its strategy. IW conducts scientific research and developmental work that leads to innovative technical and technological solutions, in the same time carrying about sustainable growth and environmental protection as well as improvement of the quality of human life. IW Textile Research Institute consists of five research departments that carry out interdisciplinary scientific projects in the field of textiles, six accredited testing laboratories, department of Experimental Production and an independent certification department - TextilCERT.

MIRTEC S.A. (Greece)

The MIRTEC S.A. Research and Technology Centre was created in 2012 through the merger of three renowned technology centres in Greece. Here, many years of experience in handling a wide variety of materials are pooled. MIRTEC S.A. develops, researches, tests and certifies metallic materials, ceramics, refractory building materials, textiles and textile polymers. As the only Greek certification body with its own highly specialized laboratories for analysis and material testing, MIRTEC S.A. supports its customers from the industrial and consumer goods sectors. The largest industrial research and technology centre in Greece not only offers quality control and certification of products, but also helps companies to improve products, increase production performance and profitability through integrated solutions and intelligent management systems. It goes without saying that the customers benefit from the added value of the services through the application of the continuous technological research carried out by the MITEC S.A. Institute.

Nissenken Quality Evaluation Center (Japan)

The Nissenken Quality Evaluation Center was founded in 1948 and has been an OEKO-TEX® partner institute since 2000. With about 30 laboratories and inspection centres in Japan, China, the ASEAN countries and Southern Asia, Nissenken has a large customer base. The services of the Quality Evaluation Center focus on not only OEKO-TEX® certifications, but also quality testing for fabrics/garments, safety testing for harmful substances, high visibility clothing etc., and food sanitation inspection. The tests are applicable to accessories and miscellaneous goods etc., not limited to textile goods. The tests are applicable to textiles as well as accessories and children's toys. In Asia, manufacturers have a team of qualified specialists at their side along the entire textile chain. Of course, the Nissenken Quality Evaluation Center has highly developed test and laboratory facilities which underline the Institute's role as a valuable partner in the OEKO-TEX® community.

OETI Institute for Ecology, Technology and Innovation (Austria)

OETI is an internationally operating testing institute based in Vienna. With more than half a century of expertise (founded in 1967) and excellent market knowledge, it supports the textile industry with great success. It tests and certifies textiles, personal protective equipment and interior materials for manufacturers and retailers. As a founding member of OEKO-TEX®, it offers the entire OEKO-TEX® product portfolio.

In addition, OETI carries out a large number of tests on textile, elastic and laminate floor coverings. In the field of innovation, it implements new ideas for product developments and test procedures together with its customers. It also awards the "INSPECTED QUALITY" label to products, services, production processes and production sites. It tests and certifies indoor air quality according to the CLEANAIR standard.

OETI is an accredited testing and certification body. It is a European Notified Body. With its specialist teams, it offers comprehensive service and security in the fields of ecology, textile technology, floor technology and interior design.

Together with the Swiss parent company TESTEX AG, OETI has an international network of locations.

RISE IVF AB (Sweden)

The Swedish research institute RISE IVF AB, founded in 1964, has set itself the goal of promoting the competitiveness and sustainability of Swedish industry and accompanies the introduction of digitisation, sustainability and circular business models. RISE IVF AB belongs to an umbrella organisation of several research institutes in Sweden and as an independent, state-owned institute with 2,700 employees supports various types of innovation processes. The institute offers advanced research and development work for the manufacturing industry. It provides know-how on optimised production methods, materials and processes in order to improve the performance of companies along the entire value chain. In the field of textiles, polymers and ceramics, RISE supports companies with mechanical, chemical, physical, rheological and thermal testing and analysis. Accredited laboratories carry out textile tests and certifications according to OEKO-TEX® standards and are among the largest in Europe.

Shirley® Technologies Limited (United Kingdom)

A wholly-owned subsidiary of BTTG Ltd, the UK-based Shirley® Technologies Limited provides testing and certification services to the apparel industry worldwide. A global network of customers in Asia, the USA and throughout Europe enjoy the first-class technical support that Shirley® Technologies Limited provides based on over 90 years of experience. Customers include multinational yarn, fabric and finished goods manufacturers, apparel manufacturers, retailers, consumers, lawyers, the police and various testing organisations. The Institute attaches particular importance to close cooperation between customers and its highly qualified staff. The institute offers individual service directly at the client's premises. This also includes tailor-made seminars in which experts pass on their experience. As an OEKO-TEX® partner institute, Shirley® certifies products along the textile chain and production facilities. The independent testing institute Shirley® is accredited according to the quality standard for testing laboratories EN ISO / IEC 17025.

Testex AG, Swiss Textile Testing Institute (Switzerland)

The Swiss institute TESTEX was founded in 1846 as the "Silk Drying Institute" in Zurich. Today, the globally active and independent testing and certification institute is still located in the heart of Zurich, with a focus on textiles. Meanwhile, 25 branches and more than 250 employees belong to the long-established company, which stands for Swissness, innovation and sustainability. The range of services includes physical, chemical and physiological testing of textile and leather raw materials, intermediate products and end products. The tests enable reliable consumer protection, which means that the company also assumes responsibility towards society and the environment. Customers in Europe, Asia, North America and Australia/New Zealand appreciate the high quality, reliability and professionalism of the Swiss Institute, which has been part of the OEKO-TEX® community since 1993. With the latest technologies and laboratory equipment, TESTEX AG guarantees fast, precise and individual service at the highest level.

VÚTCH-CHEMITEX, spol. s r.o. (Slovakia)

In Slovakia, VÚTCH-CHEMITEX has been successfully active in the fields of research and development for 48 years. It researches innovative textiles for a wide range of applications, technical textiles for special applications as well as possibilities for finishing and surface treatment of textiles. The development of new machines and textile technology finishes is also included in the Institute's research. The independent institute VÚTCH-CHEMITEX offers services and products at the highest technical and professional level. The independent institute carries out the classical physical and chemical tests for textiles, personal protective equipment and toys as expertly as the certification according to OEKO-TEX® standards. VÚTCH-CHEMITEX's state-of-the-art testing laboratories are certified according to EN ISO / IEC 17025. In addition, the excellent entrepreneurial activities of the institute have been awarded the quality management certificate STN EN 9001.