An affair with sustainable fashion

The words fashion, styles and shopping make many hearts beat faster. But do we also know how fair and sustainable it is to produce our outfits? This aspiration is constantly growing and is certainly not just a trend that comes and goes like the styles from the 80s and 90s. In the fields of food & beauty, we have thought and acted in a more conscious and sustainable way for a long time now. No wonder that it is now the turn of the home textile and clothing industries and we must more frequently ask ourselves about the manufacturing process and working conditions. Many retailer chains and brands have already responded to this call and publish their retail chains and production facilities. A move in the right direction but what else can we, the fashionistas of the world, do to make our love of fashion more green?

1. Conscious shopper

Do not worry – you do not have to give up shopping! But have you ever thought about making your shopping habits more sustainable? Do you really need your fourth pair of vintage jeans or a third white T-shirt, just because this one has cute but barely recognisable embroidery on the bust?

If you cannot answer these questions immediately with “Yes, because ....”, then you do not need these items!

Check: you are now shopping in a more conscious way!

2. Second-hand shopping

Who still claims that second-hand fashion is stale and worn? In recent years, many cool boutiques have opened up in our cities selling cool styles. Fight against the throw-away culture and give your old treasures a new home. You can browse for fantastic outfits in many second-hand shops around the world! Have you searched the Internet for second-hand stores in your neighbourhood?

Check: you are open to new things and are officially in love with second-hand shopping.

3. Get an overview

Sustainable, fair and something from MADE IN GREEN! Many fashion labels have been working with OEKO-TEX® for a long time. Did you know that brands such as Calida have almost all their parts and collections tested by OEKO-TEX®? The traceable label MADE IN GREEN by OEKO-TEX® provides proof that textile or leather products have been manufactured using sustainable processes and under environmentally friendly and socially responsible working conditions. Look out for the MADE IN GREEN label when you are next out shopping and fall in love with sustainable styles. Do you already have any MADE IN GREEN labelled textiles at home?

Check: you have had an overview of sustainable fashion for a long time and are smitten with sustainable fashion.

It is really simple to make your love of fashion more sustainable and conscious!