Fully traceable hides

With SPOOR, every single hide can be traced back to the animal who provided it. Every hide comes with a Northern European origin as they only work with suppliers in Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Germany and the Netherlands.

All hides that arrive at SPOORs tanning facilities come with ear tags that the animal receives at birth. Mandated by the European Union’s legislation, all ear tags for cattle must be registered in a database which contains information about the animal’s country of origin, date and place of birth. Any movements it has undertaken during its lifetime and the abattoir are also included.

SPOOR sources all rawhides directly from the abattoirs without any traders involved. The abators collect the cattle from the farmers who have raised the animals. This means that the cattle go directly to the abattoir where the rawhides are collected. The rawhides are then sent straight to SPOORs tannery in Vester Skerninge. All without passing through any middlemen.

Once SPOOR receives the hides at their tannery in Vester Skerninge, they register the ear tags. Using laser technology, they then imprint each hide with a unique number which is linked to the animal’s ear tag, and therefore provides the full story of the animal. Unlike other methods of identification, their laser mark is resistant and stays on the hide throughout the entire tanning and refinement process to the final leather cut. In this way, they can guarantee that their hides come with 100% documented traceability all the way back to the birth on the farm.

In addition, the information is verified by OEKO-TEX® via on-site visits.