Effective consumer protection

For you as a consumer, leather articles certified according to LEATHER STANDARD by OEKO-TEX® offer extensive protection regarding the harmlessness of textiles. Many aspects argue in favour of the reliability of the product label:

  • Prerequisite for the OEKO-TEX® product certification is that all components of a leather product have to comply with the required test criteria, that is the leather material itself as well as sewing threads and accessory parts such as buttons, studs, or zips.
  • The criteria for OEKO-TEX® testing for harmful substances are revised every year and are therefore always up to date with regard to legal regulations and the newest scientific findings.
  • The OEKO-TEX® test criteria have global validity. It therefore does not matter where the certified products are manufactured and where consumers buy them.
  • Testing and certification of the leather articles is carried out exclusively by neutral/independent facilities: The accredited testing institutes of the International OEKO-TEX® Association.
  • OEKO-TEX® certified items are also subject to random testing after certification in the framework of product checks.
  • Consumers can independently verify the validity of a LEATHER STANDARD label using the test number stated at any time.