Active chemical products

Here you can find overviews of active chemical products which have been inspected by independent toxicologists and assessed as harmless to human health when used as indicated and intended. The safety assessments are based on information, test reports, recipes etc. which have been provided by the manufacturer for the product in question. The test reports taken into consideration for this assessment have been drawn up by accredited toxicological and/or dermatological institutes.

The active chemicals products approved on the OEKO-TEX® list are in line with the latest European regulations, specifically with the Article 95 list of Biocidal Products Regulation No. 528.

The OEKO-TEX® Association reserves the right to withdraw products from this list without prior notice based on new scientific findings. Should products be removed from the following list no legal claims shall be asserted. The products listed below are not in any way to be interpreted as a list of recommended products. Inclusion in the list is at the sole responsibility of the corresponding applicant.