Certification of skins and furs

The certification of skins and furs underlies the following special regulation: Only skins and furs can be certified according to the LEATHER STANDARD by OEKO-TEX® that are accepted by OEKO-TEX® and as such are mentioned in the following special list:

Skins and furs which can be certified

It is also recommended that skins and furs from animal farming / facilities are used, which are tested for a species-appropriate husbandry, animal welfare, etc. Further developments regarding this topic are currently being worked out by the OEKO-TEX® Association.

If a company would like to have certified further skins or furs, this can be requested from the company or one of the approved OEKO-TEX® institutes at the OEKO-TEX® Secretariat in Zurich. However, a certification is only possible if this explicitly is approved by the OEKO-TEX® Secretariat (Secretary General). The decision is not contestable. New skins and furs approved for certification are incorporated on the accepted list as quickly as possible.