Certification according to OEKO-TEX® RESPONSIBLE BUSINESS

OEKO-TEX® RESPONSIBLE BUSINESS is an independent certification system for brands, brand groups, retailers and traders of the textile and leather industry.  


Time frame

The duration of the certification process is dependent on the individual conditions of the respective facility. You can expect a period of at least 3 months between the time of application to the issue of the RESPONSIBLE BUSINESS certificate.


The costs for RESPONSIBLE BUSINESS certification comprise the certificate fee and the costs for the certification process. This includes reports as well as the implementation and documentation of audits.

Certifiable companies

The independent RESPONSIBLE BUSINESS certification is specifically tailored to all companies in the textile and leather industry. The prerequisite is that particular minimum requirements must be met.


After successful RESPONSIBLE BUSINESS certification, you receive a 3-year certificate and a detailed final report. You can extend the certificate for a further 3 years with recertification.

Benefits for companies

  • With the independent certification, you demonstrate that you responsibly address human rights and environmental due diligence in your own business activities, in your supply chains, and in your wider business relationships.​
  • The modular structure allows you to assess your due diligence in two consecutive steps:  ​
    • an initial self-assessment,​
    • which is followed by a validated report and certification.​
  • By completing the self-assessment, you evaluate the status quo with respect to the upcoming legal due diligence requirements. ​
  • With the OEKO-TEX® RESPONSIBLE BUSINESS tool, you can better understand due diligence requirements and implement effective management processes for a responsible company. 
  • Certification can be used as part of your corporate communications and facilitates reporting to authorities.​
  • The independent RESPONSIBLE BUSINESS certification conveys a high level of credibility and trust and provides you with targeted support on your way to greater due diligence.​


Our independent OEKO-TEX® institutes conduct analysis and scoring in 7 modules: 

1. Business policy 

2. Risk analysis 

3. Integration of appropriate actions 

4. Continuous monitoring 

5. Transparent communication strategy 

6. Complaint mechanism 

7. Environment / Climate 

The scoring for module 1-6 views the implementation of due diligence obligations into the supply chains based three different levels:​

  • Level 1 = direct suppliers (tier 1/finished product assembly) until delivery to end customer​
  • Level 2 = until & inclusive material / fabric production (tier 2) until delivery to​ end customer​
  • Level 3 = until & inclusive raw material production (tier 4)  until delivery to​ end customer​

The assessment of module 7 considers the development of a climate strategy in the company and its implementation level. Module 7 assessment is voluntary and due diligence certification (module 1-6) is not affected by module 7.​

Your path to RESPONSIBLE BUSINESS certification

1. Complete the application form on the OEKO-TEX® website and confirm the General Terms of Use (TOU). 

2. After receiving access from your OEKO-TEX® institute, complete the Self-Assessment. 

3. The OEKO-TEX® institute evaluates submitted information and documents. 

4. The OEKO-TEX® institute verifies the data with an on-site audit. 

5. The OEKO-TEX® institute prepares a detailed audit report with a final evaluation and issues the OEKO-TEX® RESPONSIBLE BUSINESS certificate, which is valid for 3 years. 

6. During the 3-year term of the certificate, your OEKO-TEX® institute conducts annual compliance checks. 

OEKO-TEX® RESPONSIBLE BUSINESS - Declaration of Conformity