Our mission at Tejidos Royo has always been and is to guarantee the commitment of our activities with respect for the environment. Our intention is to minimize the environmental impact and guarantee a strategy in terms of sustainable development. At OEKO-TEX® we have found our certification partner, a body with accredited and transparent experience. For Tejidos Royo this supposes a support towards our growing sustainable innovation, thanks to the exhaustive verification of our facilities and fabrics through their standards, recognized by our clients all over the world. That means that our products can be used for the production of optimized textiles, assuring the consumer that our products are free of substances that are harmful to human and environmental health.

The world needs our help to harmonize and keep safe the environment where we live! As a knitting manufacturer, for supporting this important topic, we have the commitment to produce our fabrics with all the standards available for respecting the health and the well being of our workers and the final consumer! OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 in class 1 and STeP by OEKO-TEX® certifications are fundamental for this purpose!

Contributing to society as our eternal theme that creates the best textiles in the way of using the best technology with natural resources. This is our mission. OEKO-TEX® certificate is crucial for us to keep achieving this as the harmonized standard guarantees safety and sustainable which are fundamentals of both products and all related to production. The certificate also drives us to grow in term of sustainability as their requirements reflect what is needed for the sustainable market. We hope to keep making the contribution with OEKO-TEX®.
Tetsuya Maenosono , Production director

KAIHARA co., Ltd.
At Velcro Companies, the health and safety of those who use our products is a top priority. VELCRO® Brand products are recognized for safety worldwide, and the OEKO-TEX® certification demonstrates that our solutions are free from harmful substances and made in a sustainable way, reducing the negative impact on the environment. These qualities are critical requirements for our customers in the Medical, Personal Care and Apparel industries, and make VELCRO® Brand products ideal solutions for essential applications that involve contact with skin, including baby diaper closures, medical devices used in patient care and workwear.
Lenny Swart , Marketing Manager EMEA

Velcro Europe S.A.