Since the OEKO-TEX® ORGANIC COTTON certification, we have strengthened our business relationships and credibility in the market. The new norms and standards have now improved the supply of raw materials and helped us to maintain utmost quality. With OEKO-TEX® standards, we are able to reduce carbon footprints and promote sustainability.
Avinash More , General Manager Quality

Catex Overseas
At Sky Textiles India, we have always been committed to producing high-quality textiles while prioritizing sustainability and innovation.

The partnership with OEKO-TEX® reinforces our dedication to producing textiles that are not only safe for consumers but also environmentally friendly. By adhering to the OEKO-TEX® ORGANIC COTTON standard, we have embraced continuous improvement and innovation. The certification provides us with the framework necessary to minimize our environmental impact and reduce the use of harmful substances in our production processes.

As we continue to work closely with OEKO-TEX®, we are confident that our commitment to sustainability and innovation will not only benefit our company but also contribute to a more responsible industry.
Nilanka Guruge , CEO Sky Textiles India

Sky Textiles India Pvt Ltd
The OEKO-TEX® STeP certification is a significant milestone for our company and emphasizes our ongoing commitment to sustainable business practices. We are proud to have been assessed at the highest level and will continue to work to minimize our environmental and social footprint. The certification offers customers and partners the assurance that Ötscher products are not only of high quality, but also sustainably and ethically produced.
Thiemo Götzl , Managing Director

Ötscher-Berufskleidung Götzl GmbH
Reinforcing our commitment to sustainable fibers processing for textiles, we have certified a selected range of products with OEKO-TEX® ECO PASSPORT with conformance of ZDHC level 2 for spin-dyed fibers. The certification supports stakeholders across the plastics and fibers value chains to start with the suitable colorants and evaluate the ZDHC MRSL 2.0 conformance when coloring their formulations for textiles and plastics products. Furthermore, this range of colorants, consisting of Oracet®, Cromophtal®, Irgazin®, Heliogen®, Paliogen®, and Paliotol® pigments, support the increasing need for recyclability to achieve climate-neutral products as well as the circularity by design concept as it applies to fiber coloration.
Marc Dumont , Head Global Segment Management Plastics

Sun Chemical
N9 World Technologies' sustainable solution strategy has resulted in a comprehensive product range for textiles, which includes antimicrobial finishes, cooling, and heating technologies, Quick dry finishes, and odor management solutions contributing to the emergence of N9 as a one-stop-shop for the specialty textile finishing in the area of wellness, hygiene, comfort, and performance. The ECO PASSPORT by OEKO-TEX® certification process helped N9 to select chemicals that are safer for human ecology and the environment by providing control over the substances while procuring them. ECO PASSPORT provides assurance and transparency to consumers about safer ingredients used by N9 in its products.
Mr. Ganesh Srinivasam , Excecutive Director - Innovation

Resil is happy to join the growing collection of chemical suppliers, manufacturers, and brands that are responsible for using green chemistries, reducing carbon footprint, reducing chemical waste, and building sustainable chemical management systems with the help of ECO PASSPORT certification in the textile value chain.
OEKO-TEX® ECO PASSPORT helped Resil to design processes considering future chemical management requirements throughout the organization and to meet sustainability goals of consumers such as reduced water use, increased energy efficiency, and low chemical impact on the environment.
Mr. Ganesh Srinivasan , Excecutive Director - Innovation

Opting for the ECO PASSPORT certificate for our textile formulations is in line with our company's vision of doing business responsibly. With ECO PASSPORT, we are progressing on the path of sustainable chemistry, wherever possible, and providing customers with smart and safer chemicals.
Mr. Naishadh Desai , Managing Director

Britacel Silicones Limited, India
Introduction to Sustainable Technologies, Manufacturing Processes, and Industry. Interactions have witnessed phenomenal growth. ECO PASSPORT by OEKO-TEX®. The certificate is a trusted solution that helps our clients make safer and sustainable decisions. Since we have opted, our reach has boosted globally. The extensive testing facility has offered commendable transparency into the impact of that product from field to final usage.
Pankaj Kansal , Director

Premia Chemicals Private Limited
In line with the principles of OEKO-TEX®, we strived to improve our products to be Greener and environmentally friendlier. Thanks to this, our clients can have peace of mind in using our products in their processes, resulting in the excellent quality of their goods.
Dr. Eric Tan Hock Lye , Managing Director

The certification body has helped us maintain certain parameters due to which we have been able to produce chemistry by using better technology and reducing the impact on the environment. it has helped to upscale the product on quality parameters and also customers gain confidence as the backing of the certificate helps us prove that our product is qualitative and safer.
Khushboo Dadia , Director

Creative Industries
Jaysynth Group has always focused on producing Eco friendly and trouble-free products. With the ongoing process of improving products for Greener Chemistry, OEKO TEX 100 has helped us to achieve the ECO Passport certificate for Dyes, Digital Inks, and Pigment Emulsion with their transparent evaluation process. The ECO Passport by OEKO-TEX® certificate is of utmost importance in the coming time for a Textile Industry and a door opener for many International markets."

" STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® is a reliable Business Partner and works for the mutual benefit of the customers.
Kartik Naik , Vice President Marketing (Dyes)

Jaysynth Dyestuff
Most of the leading textile manufacturers and brand owners are keen on the OEKO-TEX® certification for their products. Our Viscofil pigments dispersions are used as a Coloring Agent for the coloration of Viscose Staple Fibers and Viscose Filament Yarns in Fiber applications. We identified this need and, as part of our continuous improvement process, enhanced our Viscofil product range by using compliant ingredients. We also proactively acquired the ECO PASSPORT certification, which in turn simplifies our Customer’s process of obtaining the OEKO-TEX® certification. The certification also helps us in furthering our Sustainability goals, as Responsible Corporate Citizens!
Sambit Roy , Head of Sales

Clariant Chemicals (India) Limited – A Heubach Company
Sustainability is an integral part of our business strategy around which our business processes products, partnerships, and markets are aligned. We have created a sustainability framework which helps us to create, deliver and share value with our business ecosystem The national and international certificates that we have received bear testimony to our focus on eco-friendly and sustainable initiatives. We deem it's our prime duty to safeguard the environment by developing sustainable product portfolios. We aim to be the company following the highest level of sustainable practices by collaborating with leading industries with the similar vision. We have also received the prestigious ECO PASSPORT by OEKO-TEX® certification. Yes, we at Fineotex group are pledged to remove all major hazardous substances from our supply chain. We became ZDHC Contributor last year & also for our key products we got ECO PASSPORT certification last year, which will allow us to serve customers who are producing for all top global brands which require MADE IN GREEN by OEKO-TEX® Label & ZDHC LEVEL 3 product line. Most textile manufacturers face the challenge to deal with tough effluents loaded with chemicals, and dyes and have high COD & BOD. As textiles specialties & auxiliaries, manufacturers address this issue Fineotex / Biotex group is concentrating on the replacement/reduction in the use of caustic / hydrose / soda ash / sodium silicate, etc. all inorganic product substitutes which majorly cause high COD / TDS in the effluent. Also concentrating on reduction in process cycle time by low temp. Soaping / scouring bleaching process, special leveling cum dispersing agent for reactive dyeing which allows using soda in one bath, etc. Also, in soaping, we innovate a process that enables customer to the soap of reactive dye bath in single soaping rather than 2 soaping & multiple water wash or rinsing. Mostly we are trying to make a concentrated formulation so that we can reduce the wastage of packing material & reduction transport cost & indirect pollution load to the mother earth. Undoubtedly, effluent is one of the biggest challenges for textile manufacturers and as the environmental norms are getting stricter, they are now compelled to switch to sustainable chemistries and adopt cleaner processes & reduce water consumption. FCL group has been at the forefront of developing green products that can enable this industry to realize sustainability goals.
Arindam Choudhuri , CEO

Fineotex Chemical Limited
With STeP and in the future MADE IN GREEN we can prove to our customers that our products are free of harmful substances and produced in a sustainable factory. In OEKO-TEX®, we have found a serious and reliable partner with a global reputation that companies and consumers on every continent trust.
Filippo Centomo , Junior Manager

Conceria Centomo S.r.l
As the chemical manufacturer dedicated to textile application, our commitment to bring a brighter future for textile industries had lead us to a broad company vision of leading the sustainable business to a brighter hope of everyone's tomorrow. To conduct a sustainable business, we entrust to OEKO-TEX as the recognized and independent external partner that tests and certifies our formulations and makes us and our end consumers grow safely with confidence that the certified products meet the strict guidelines. The ECO PASSPORT by OEKO-TEX certifications are the guarantee of our commitment to realize the vision.
Dimas Ibnu Ramadhan , Operational Director

PT. Kinerja Mutiara Persada
OEKO-TEX® is very professional and helpful in dealing with customers. We as customers are very easy to get more detail of information for several years. We worked together for certification. We are always satisfied with the service from OEKO-TEX®.
Diah Octaviani , QC and Laboratory Staff

PT. Fucolor Chemical Industry