Verification according to OEKO-TEX® DETOX TO ZERO

With OEKO-TEX® DETOX TO ZERO, producers in the textile and leather industries are provided with a valuable tool for achieving Greenpeace DETOX goals. DETOX TO ZERO assesses, audits and reports on the wastewater and sludge quality, the use of chemicals and other environmental aspects. The independent verification is aimed at wet facilities along the entire supply chain of the textile and leather industry and supports them on the path to greater transparency and sustainability.


DETOX TO ZERO is designed as a verification system for suppliers of brands and retailers who have made a commitment to the Greenpeace DETOX campaign. The target group also includes buyers and suppliers who proactively focus on compliance with Greenpeace detox goals.

DETOX TO ZERO is not a traditional certification system. Participants can neither “pass” nor “fail”. Instead, DETOX TO ZERO is concerned with analysing the current situation of the production facility. In doing so, the focus is on the continuous reduction of harmful substances in production. In a status report, the producer receives detailed information about its chemical use, an assessment of the wastewater analyses and recommendations on environmental protection measures.

DETOX TO ZERO at a glance

Wastewater management

We check the conformity of wastewater and sludge in accordance with the DETOX TO ZERO Manufacturing Restricted Substance List (MRSL).

Chemicals management

We check the conformity of chemicals stored in the company as per the DETOX TO ZERO MRSL.

Company organisation

We analyse and assess the management system with a focus on chemical and environmental performance. This includes internal processes, compliance with legal requirements when handling chemicals, environmental protection and the safety and health of employees.

STeP integration

DETOX TO ZERO can be fully integrated in the certification of production facilities with OEKO-TEX® STeP.

Benefits to you as a producer

  • Develop customer trust through transparent and credible communication: data sharing of the results of wastewater and sludge analyses for your company on our OEKO-TEX® website.
  • Improve processes within your production site and increase product safety: DETOX TO ZERO supports you with a practical, feasible action plan. This helps you to gradually achieve more environmentally friendly chemistry.
  • Guarantee your compliance with requirements of NGOs and governmental organisations: OEKO-TEX® takes these into account in the regular updates of the MRSL.
  • You have the option to easily integrate DETOX TO ZERO with the production facility certification STeP at any time. In doing so, the manufacturing conditions are analysed with regard to social responsibility and other sustainability criteria.

Your path to DETOX TO ZERO

  1. You complete the application form or contact your supervising OEKO-TEX® institute.
  2. Your selected OEKO-TEX® institute will contact you.
  3. You complete the DETOX TO ZERO online questionnaire.
  4. A trained OEKO-TEX® auditor analyses the data and assesses it in accordance with the DETOX TO ZERO criteria.
  5. The auditor then visits you and checks the company data and process information you have provided.
  6. You then receive a detailed status report with the DETOX TO ZERO assessment, including corrective actions.