Spring Cleaning with Safety & Sustainability in Mind

Spring is a time for renewal and refreshing. People in some countries are preparing to re-emerge after more than a year spent mostly indoors. So now is an opportune time for all of us to recommit to safer and more sustainable choices for our homes and closets. We can do that by approaching Spring cleaning and wardrobe updates with those priorities in mind.

More than half of U.S. consumers plan to buy apparel in the coming months, making it the top category of anticipated spending, according to NPD. This presents an opportunity to re-evaluate what is currently in our closets, too. We can recycle, donate, or re-use items that no longer serve us and make room for updated Spring clothing.

Consider these questions to ensure safer and more sustainable Spring cleaning:

Is it necessary?

The most sustainable approach to shopping is to buy only what you truly need.

Can I donate or re-purpose?

Instead of throwing out ill-fitting or worn-out clothes, prioritize re-purposing or donating them. To cut down on unnecessary textile purchases, consider a “one in, one out” rule when purchasing something new. If you plan to add an item to your closet, decide what it will replace.

Have I checked the label?

Look for the OEKO-TEX® labels to be confident that products you bring into your home and closet meet OEKO-TEX® standards for safety, sustainability, and worker protections. Try the label check tool to confirm the validity of product labels. Use the tool to ensure labels are current and accurate.