Consumer needs and textile variety

Our requirements for textiles are extremely varied depending on their use.

Our clothes have to be fashionable and modern as well as more or less colourful, depending on preference. In any case they have to fit well and last as long as possible. And the quality has to be right as well, so that the garment still looks like new even after repeated washing. Of course the item should not be scratchy, it has to feel soft and comfortable on the skin. Functional sports clothing should be able to absorb moisture and release it outwards again quickly. Swimwear should be resistant to chlorine in the water, home textiles should keep their shape and resist creasing.

Many of the product properties that we take for granted today are not possible without the use of chemical substances, though.

STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® therefore offers extensive and reliable safety for every tested product without sacrificing the desired functions and the usual quality. The big bonus is that the products have been proven to be harmless to health through corresponding product testing because: Our textiles must never affect our health!