Workwear and protective clothing

Workwear, protective clothing and corporate fashion have clearly defined functional properties, depending on their intended use. Durable materials and excellent wearing comfort take top priority. A long useful life and easy-care properties are also desirable properties. Chemical substances have to be used here as well to obtain these product properties.

Workwear and protective clothing certified according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® guarantees products that are harmless to health and still highly functional. Excluding harmful substances is especially important when garments are worn for longer periods day after day as well as under physical exertion.

The laboratory tests allocate the items to the OEKO-TEX® product classes in accordance with the intensity of skin contact. For example, items used close to the skin such as blouses or shirts for hotels or restaurants have to comply with the requirements of product class II for products used close to the skin. The requirements of product class III are used as a basis for testing uniform jackets and other items which are not usually worn directly on the skin.