Medical textiles

The functions of medical textiles such as thermal underwear for rheumatics, compression stockings or incontinence products are precisely adapted to the intended use in each case. During everyday use they contribute to increased well-being and quality of life while also relieving or healing ailments. They often consist of innovative and particularly breathable materials. Textile safety is especially important for medical products, also because of the intensive and prolonged skin contact. The Medical Service of the central organisations of German health insurers (MDS) therefore demands that such products do not contain any substances which are harmful to health. STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® as an independent test label for textiles tested for harmful substances meets this requirement and is therefore recognised as evidence for this.

Medical textile products are usually allocated to product class II for items used close to the skin, although testing in line with the stricter criteria of product class I is also possible. Additional test criteria here are the exclusion of allergenic dyestuffs and heavy metals, good colour fastnesses and evidence of a skin-friendly pH-value.