Bed linen and bedding

High-quality bed linen and bedding such as mattresses, pillows and duvets ensure a high level of sleep comfort, contributing to a relaxing night's sleep. Bedding items are often a rather long-term investment, especially mattresses are often used for more than ten years. Quite often pillows and duvets are not washed or cleaned before use and rather rarely during use. Bedding products certified according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® are harmless to health in this regard right from the start.

Bed linen is washed more frequently but is subject to fashion influences where colour and design are concerned. Furthermore we want durable, easy-care items that keep their shape. These properties are often not possible without the use of chemical substances. Bed linen surrounds us night for night almost skin-tight and over extended periods of time.

Testing for bed linen and bedding according to product class II for textile products used close to the skin includes verification of specific requirements such as the exclusion of allergenic disperse dyestuffs, the strict regulation of formaldehyde as well as verification of good colour fastnesses (particularly resistance to sweat and rubbing). The products should also have a skin-friendly pH-value.