Product ID and QR code

The product ID is a core element of the MADE IN GREEN label that can be used to access the manufacturing validation for the labelled product MADE IN GREEN consumer website.

QR ("Quick Response") codes are 2D codes that can be scanned and read by mobile devices with QR code readers. Apps with suitable QR code readers are for example "Quick Scan" for iOs devices or "QR Droid" for Android devices. They can be used to display images for items such as web addresses.

On the MADE IN GREEN label, the QR code is an optional element that provides direct access to the proof of origin for a labelled product on the MADE IN GREEN consumer website.

If needed, the QR code from the MADE IN GREEN logo can also be displayed outside of the label. You can also display your own QR codes (for instance, with a link to an online catalogue) together with the label. However, in this last case, the QR code must not be integrated into the MADE IN GREEN label itself!