Etiketin temsil ettiği ürün

MADE IN GREEN by OEKO-TEX® is a product label with a product ID and/or QR code that lets you trace the origin of the product to which it is attached for full transparency.

This means that a direct and unique product reference must be provided whenever the label is used. In concrete terms, that means that a MADE IN GREEN label can only be used in brochures, catalogues, online shops and elsewhere when it is referencing a product with the product ID displayed on it.

If this is not possible or practical in individual cases, a collective or advertising ID can also be requested. A special advertising label can then be generated based on this collective or advertising ID in the MADE IN GREEN Dashboard. The listed product ID and QR code in this case do not reference an individual product, and instead represent the company in general on the MADE IN GREEN consumer website. Potential uses for a label without a direct product reference include in online shops, printed catalogues or trade show stands, for instance.