Linguistic composition

Using the label

  • On the Customer Dashboard you can generate two different label versions at the moment:

    1. The first version includes all basic elements of the label. Currently, around 30 authorised language versions of the MADE IN GREEN label for all of the major target markets in which OEKO-TEX® certified products are sold. These language versions include all of the declaration texts and other information in the relevant language.

    2. The second version additionally includes all declaration texts and additional statements that you can add to the basic label version. This label version is currently available in 10 different languages.

    However, the OEKO-TEX® Secretariat can also arrange for an authorised translation for you if you require it in languages that are not available yet. For more information, please contact the OEKO-TEX® Secretariat (
  • OEKO-TEX® recommends using a monolingual label in the language of your target market.

    However, OEKO-TEX® also creates labels with multiple languages upon request. In this situation, the label owner bears the costs. For more information, please contact the OEKO-TEX® Secretariat directly (

Referring to the award in running texts

  • The first time that it is referred to in a running text, the name "MADE IN GREEN by OEKO-TEX®" must be used. After that, the name can be truncated to the wording "MADE IN GREEN".
  • Furthermore, the label and product name "MADE IN GREEN" must not be translated in running texts.
  • Alternative ways to write the term "OEKO-TEX®" (for example, Öko-Tex®, Øko-Tex®) are permitted if the use of umlauts for print or correspondence is common in the national language used.