Etikette grafik tasarım

The MADE IN GREEN label is a protected trademark and can therefore be used only in the form provided by OEKO-TEX® without any modifications.

For different areas of application such as a product recommendation in online shops, print materials or product labelling at the point of sale, different label versions with optimised content and sizes are available.

For all of these label versions, the following core design guidelines apply:

  • The frame is also an integral part of the MADE IN GREEN label and therefore shall always be displayed whenever the label is used.
  • To raise the profile of the label and ensure it is as recognisable as possible, OEKO-TEX® recommends displaying the label in 4c (four-colour).

    If a 4c display is not possible due to exceptional circumstances (for instance, due to the company's own corporate identity), the label is permitted to be displayed in black and white. You can go to the OEKO-TEX® Dashboard to access the various label versions.
  • For reasons of trademark law, the MADE IN GREEN label files made available by OEKO-TEX® must not be changed.

    Any additional texts and other elements such as a separate QR code must therefore be attached away from the label. For more information, please also refer to the notes in our frequently asked questions.

Defined colours and greytones

In the design of the mark the following colours (see left) must be used:

If, for particular reasons, the label can only be in two colours, the mark may be reproduced dichromatic with extra authorisation from the testing institute.

In case the print Is done in grey scales the following values (see left) have to be used:

Tectonic space


There must be empty space around the perimeter of the label that is at least equal to the width of the registered trademark symbol ® found within.