Incoming requests

Did you recently receive any requests from one or several buyers that they want to add your company to their dashboard?

If so, this is your first step into the OEKO-TEX® MySTeP Dashboard Community.

Please confirm the request of your buyer by clicking on the link in the email you received. By confirming the request you declare yourself to be a supplier of the buyer that sent you the mail.

The second function contained in the request concerns the depth / scope of your data release. You can decide yourself which data you want to show to your buyer. Of course, you can customize the settings at any time if you should change your mind about the displayed data scope. Detailed information about the different levels of data release is directly available in the corresponding menu item.

If you are not yet a member of the MySTeP Dashboard Community you can register by using our online application form. This is necessary to identify any suppliers within the OEKO-TEX® Community. After submitting your application, one of our partner institutes will contact you as soon as possible and send you the necessary login data.

All requests of this kind (either directly on the occasion of your first login to the system or at any other time) can be customized by clicking on the „Supplier Dashboard“ or „Incoming Requests“ menu item within the dashboard. For this aim, please simply log on to our MySTeP database.

If you wish to learn more about incoming requests please have a look at our webinar about this subject.