Every ECO PASSPORT certificate has a unique certificate number. What is the purpose of this number?

Each issued ECO PASSPORT certificate has an individual certificate number. The certificate number is a unique identification number, which is linked with the specific scope and validity of the ECO PASSPORT certificate.

How long does it take to receive an ECO PASSPORT certificate?

The complete ECO PASSPORT certification process typically takes 2 - 4 weeks once the application is complete and samples are received. Based on the complexity of the applying product the certification process can be conducted within a shorter or a longer period. For more details please contact your OEKO-TEX® partner institute.

What are the costs for an ECO PASSPORT?

The costs for an ECO PASSPORT certification depend on the amount of chemical products and their specific grouping.

The RSL/MRSL Screening, as well as the right to label ECO PASSPORT products is covered within the base fee. Additional costs occur based on the individual testing program, which is related to the applying products and their amount. The costs for the On-site visit in the third stage must also be added. Additional variable costs are generated by the laboratory tests, which are based on the products to be tested, the number of products and a customized testing program.

What is the validity period of an ECO PASSPORT certificate?

An ECO PASSPORT certificate is valid for one year (12 months) from the issue date. A certificate renewal can be applied for up to three months before the end of the validity.

Products applying for ECO PASSPORT contain different ingredients and concentrations. Can they all be covered by a single certificate?

The applying chemical products need to be linked to a specific group and category during the application procedure. If different products are related to the same category, a single certificate for those chemical products can be issued. In addition, up to five products can be grouped together from different categories. The categories and chemical groups are defined in ECO PASSPORT Standard document (see ANNEX V).

What does a certified company receive to document certification?

A certified company will receive a report of the RSL/MRSL screening, an analytical test report and an ECO PASSPORT certificate.

The certificate includes a unique identification number, a validity date, a report on the findings from On-site visit and a list of the products covered by the certificate.