Key benefits


  • Validation of the degree of fulfilment of the Detox requirements through an audit and evaluation report
  • Comprehensive approach to evaluate chemical management
  • Reduction of hazardous chemicals in textile production processes
  • Integration of preventive environmental protection through the implementation of management systems
  • Comprehensive analysis of used and stored chemicals to enable a continuous examination and ensure compliance with legal requirements and demands of NGOs
  • Transparency through communication
  • Wastewater and sludge data can be published and checked online via OEKO-TEX® website (after data release)
  • Full integration into the OEKO-TEX® product stewardship program by using the STeP by OEKO-TEX® software engine
  • Strengthen the process and product safety for each step within the textile value chain

Reason why

  • Efficient and validated mechanism to report the status toward Greenpeace’s Detox requirements
  • Independent data evaluation and verification via a third-party OEKO-TEX® institute
  • Textile exptertise from data collection to final evaluation
  • OEKO-TEX® is your established partner within the textile industry for communication with NGOs
  • The opportunity to fullfill your Detox commitment before 2020 and express your efficient, credible and sustainable approach in sourcing to more than 13.000 OEKO-TEX® users worldwide.