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27-Oct-2014 | 2173-EN

Perfect comfort right down the line -

Cofel group is OEKO-TEX® Company of the Month for October 2014

The French Cofel group is one of Europe's leading manufacturers of mattresses and bed accessories and the number one in France. The high-quality articles are most familiar in European retail outlets under the brand "Bultex". All textile articles meet the human-ecological requirements of the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100.

"Sleeping comfort hinges on the choice of mattress" explains Jean-Philippe Boucard, Marketing director, "and as well as individual preferences with regard to firmness and mattress size, there are many other factors to take into account: design, material, heat and moisture regulation, stability of shape, hygiene and safety with regard to possible pollution by harmful chemicals. Bultex can meet all these requirements." The Bultex brand was created in 1984 with the creation of a new product: A unique polyurethane foam heralded a new age for mattresses with outstanding results in the areas of comfort and climate control. A patented manufacturing process bundles together millions of cells in a particularly breathable, humidity-regulating cell structure, which is like the structure of a natural sponge. All Bultex products are characterised by the innovative mattress surfaces which adjust to the body. In conjunction with skin-friendly climate fibres, which quickly draw away any moisture from the body, these mattresses provide a particularly pleasant feeling of comfort. "Our product lines Bultex nano and Bultex Sport offer comfort right down the line" stated Jean-Philippe Boucard, "Because no-one sleeps in the same way, the revolutionary material Bultex nano is available in different qualities, thicknesses and firmness grades for more comfort, well-being and a healthy night's sleep. The outstanding features of Bultex are elasticity, durability and flexibility, which ensure that optimum ergonomic support can always be achieved. In addition, as a result of maximum air permeability and optimum moisture management, Bultex also offers outstanding hygiene conditions and is hypo-allergenic."

With around 250 employees in two production locations in France (Noyen-sur-Sarthe (Sarthe) and Langeac (Haute-Loire)), each year, Bultex manufactures more than 300,000 mattresses, 100,000 bed frames and around 100,000 accessories such as cushions, mattress toppers and special headboards, all perfectly coordinated. The products are highly regarded by a wide range of customers in France. The most well-known buyers include, for example, CONFORAMA, BUT, LA REDOUTE, ALINEA, LA COMPAGNIE DU LIT…

An important mark of quality for BULTEX is the guarantee that the products do not pose a risk to health. In this regard, the company places great emphasis on the independent product certification of all its textile articles in accordance with the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 to give customers and end users the required safety guarantee. Furthermore, the company also goes one step further and also reinforces the aim of achieving the best possible result with regard to sustainable production conditions. The basis for this is modern high-performance machines which, on the one hand, guarantee high productivity and, on the other hand, also save energy and other resources. To ensure utilisation of the maximum potential, all product processes are subject to constant optimisation. Jean-Philippe Boucard explains: "95% of our generated waste is sorted and, wherever possible, reused. With regard to health and safety, as a result of our targeted prevention of potential dangers, we have seen a 60% reduction in accidents since 2011. We can put this pleasing result down to efficient risk assessment, which includes the development of internal processes through troubleshooting, training and employee awareness."


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