Ready-made articles

To keep the additional expense of an OEKO-TEX® certification within limits for manufacturers of ready-made items as well the OEKO-TEX® system expressly allows the use of raw materials which are already OEKO-TEX® certified.

Ready-made articles generally require their own test number, even if all components have already been tested and certified according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®.

Each production facilities must themselves be actively involved in the OEKO-TEX® certification system at their stage of processing in order to be authorised to label their products with their own licence number. The end product may neither be marked with multiple OEKO-TEX® labels nor with an existing certificate number of already certified individual components.

The contractual inclusion ensures that manufacturers of ready-made items do not only comply with the requirement of the OEKO-TEX® criteria catalogue for their products in individual cases related to certain orders but also integrate the required product safety consistently into their own quality assurance.